Professional Therapies

Professional Therapies

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Speech & Language Therapy

Our therapist works with children who have articulation delays and disorders. Each child is evaluated to determine strengths and weaknesses and address any family concerns to develop a treatment plan unique to each child’s needs. One-to-one classes provided in addition group sessions designed to develop social skills.

Occupational Therapy

Our fully qualified Occupational Therapist works one to one with children to develop individual skills for daily activities at home and in school. The aim is to improve cognitive, physical, sensory and motor skills – enhancing the child’s self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy develops the unique response of each child to help them reach developmental goals. Evidence based music interventions are used to work on emotional, social and motor skills to ensure creative potential is fostered, encouraging self-expression, autonomy and self-esteem. Our professional music therapist works with children to assess their individual needs and strengths.

Play Therapy

Play therapy has many benefits. It helps children with expressing their feelings in constructive ways and develop coping skills and resilience as well as developing problem solving skills. Other benefits include the building of self-esteem and confidence, supporting emotional healing and developing inner strength. Our professional play therapist works with each child to assess and support them in reaching their full potential while also developing emotional intelligence and resilience.

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